Fall 2020

Web Design 2


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CodePen & Challenges

CodePen is a front-end "playground" for Web designers. It is an online IDE (integrated development environment) that helps you focus on solving HTML & CSS design challenges big and small. CodePen will be used in a variety of ways in this course, including in-class demonstrations, sharing of code samples, and for Challenges.

At the beginning of the term, sign up for a free CodePen account, and learn the basics of the service. Figure out how to work with it's multi-panel interface, and to link directly to specific Pens.

All assigned Challenges must be turned in using CodePen.


The course calendar links to a number of videos related to our discussion in class. These are given by influential Web designers and developers that are working to push CSS and HTML forward. The videos are required viewing and are considered part of the hybrid component of this course. Their content is fair game for test questions.

Video Presenter View By
The Long Web Jeremy Keith Week 02, 10.08.2020
The CSS3 Experience Dan Cederholm Week 03, 10.15.2020
A Dao of Flexibility Ethan Marcotte Week 04, 10.20.2020
Rolling Up Our Responsive Sleeves Ethan Marcotte Week 04, 10.22.2020
Mobile First Responsive Web Design Jason Grigsby Week 06, 11.03.2020
What the Flexbox?! (20-video course) Wes Bos End of term