Fall 2020

Web Design 2



Challenges are small assignments that focus on specific skills reguired of Web designers. Most Challenges ask you to complete only a subset of a design (say, the CSS formatting of a form or navigation element). They do not necessarily relate to what we are discussing in class, but are essential skills for Web designers.

Each Challenge will be made available on the instructor's CodePen site at various times during the term, and are generally due a week after they are assigned.

Assignments must be forked and completed on CodePen (free account required), and shared with the instructor when complete. Instructions on how to do this will be distributed in class.

Challenge Points Due
01 Top Ten List 20 Week 02, 10.08.2020
02 Keep Calm and Code On 20 Week 05, 10.27.2020
03 Header & Menu Coding 20 Week 07, 11.10.2020
04 Email List Signup 20 Week 10, 12.01.2020